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Anatomy of Songs [wronghands]

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The “turnoff” “turnon” game. Ask me anything and I will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.


do it pls

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The contour of some American states form a Chef carrying a tray of fried chicken

This is so important

nOBODY has mentioned the fact that the chicken is Kentucky

kentucky fried chicken

the conspiracy slowly unravels

I live in Kentucky…. and they taught us this in schools.

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Favorite Muggleborns headcanons (1/?)

but no seriously, I fucking love muggleborn posts

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I had really bad nightmares and I’m scared to even leave my bed

*hug* think about rainbows and your favorite food, and sunny daytime, and cute people, and cats, and maybe cute little hedgiehogs, and tom hiddlestons butt

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Medieval dachshund - Or: drawing with words

Here are three examples of a technique called “micrography”: decorative scenes that are drawn with words written in a tiny script. While there are examples from Latin books made in the West (here is one), the technique is particularly common in medieval Hebrew manuscripts. The drawings are usually found in biblical manuscripts and they appear to be commentaries to the text. The technique, whereby a scribe wrote in the smallest handwriting possible, goes back to the 9th century AD. The examples here, from the 13th century, shows just how entertaining the word-made drawings can be: they are an opportunity for the scribe to frolick in the margins of the page - like drawing a creature that looks like a dachshund.

Pic: London, British Library, Additional MS 21160 (13th century, more about the manuscript here). More about micrography here.

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Tom Hiddleston photomanipulation over George Dawe’s Portrait of Pyotr F. Zheltukhin

Inspired by replaceface. I didn’t find Hiddleston there, so I made it myself. I really hope you like it ^^

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Now you can make your own Kid Loki crown and spread mischief to the world!

THIS is so helpfull! I LOVE IT!